About Our Store

The family behind Hampshire Jewelry has had a dedication to excellence in quality and commitment to it's customers satisfaction which began 32 years ago in Thousand Oaks with the opening of their store. Since then they have been a jewel of the local community.

With a passion for design as well as a keen knowledge of beautiful jewelry, mother and daughter Pat and Janet started from a store based on silver and turquoise and over three decades have expanded to a store devoted to classic/modern gold and platinum jewelry as well as one of a kind unique styles and select diamonds, to satisfy the most discriminating connoisseurs of fine jewelry.

Hampshire Jewelry is always happy to assist you in finding that perfect setting or diamond for that special occasion; but would love the opportunity to shine by offering you the chance to craft a truly one of a kind piece to express yourself.

Please take a moment to enjoy the website and come on by to discuss your dreams.

Friendly and Courteous Staff

Our staff looks forward to meeting you and helping you with any questions of concerns you may have regarding a new purchase or preserving a cherished memento.

State of the Art

Laser soldering and welding done on the premises. Our shop uses the most modern equipment including our new Laser soldering machine. Our jeweler's regularly attend continuing education courses, and we take great pride in our trade including our new laser soldering machine. 

On Site Craftsmen

Our skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen stand ready to provide quality jewelry repair including sizing, polishing & finishing work. And additionally can help adjust watch's for size and replace batteries while you wait.


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Hampshire Jewelry

- Selling fine diamond jewelry in Thousand Oaks Since 1983 -


Owner Diamond Specialist

Janet has spent much of her professional life bringing joy and happiness to customers one memento at a time for engagements, weddings & anniversaries by helping to find that perfect piece for each occasion.

She has spent her career specializing in G.I.A. & E.G.L. USA Certified Diamonds to provide to absolute best quality diamonds for your enjoyment.


Jewelry - Senior Craftsman

Kaveh has worked with Hampshire Jewelry for many years and has been the backbone of the trade that provides skilled adjustments to the delicate and beautiful pieces that grace his Jeweler's bench.

He is known for his speed and flawless quality of finished work, and looks forward to any challenge a customer might have.


Sales Associate

Come on by and Sarah will happily greet you with a warm smile a courteous hello.  Her knowledge and experience in sales will help you to find that perfect piece to fit your needs.

Original Founders

Pat Curts & Janet Dill (Curts)

In honor of the wonderful women that started the tradition that is now Hampshire Jewelry.

We proudly honor the contributions of these two amazing women that began over 30 years ago.These two women who needed something more, boldly stepped forward and still stand today providing the service and quality that has stood the test of time.